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Info regading a new novel about HRSH

Last year, a lovely up and coming author, Elizabeth Byler Younts, sent a request through the HRSH Alumni Website requesting some background information about the hospital during the 1940’s. She is writing a second book in her Promise of Sunrise Series. We were happy to provide her with numerous facts and anecdotal information regarding the hospital and its’ history from that period. The book is to be released on 5/6/14. The title is Promise To Cherish, Promise of Sunrise Series #2, and it can be preordered for $11.99 at:

Product Description
Christine Freeman is a nurse at Hudson River State Hospital in the mid 1940’s, during which the effects of World War II rage on. She has lost both of her brothers to the war and works tirelessly serving patients at the mental ward. Worlds collide when Amish conscientious objector Eli Brenneman comes to work at the hospital. Despite and even in the midst of differences, Christine and Eli begin to develop a deep friendship. In Promise to Cherish, the conflict of World War II brings two people together to wage their own costly battle for love and discovery of self.