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Hudson River State Hospital Nurses Alumni Association



Welcome to the Website of the Hudson River State Hospital  Nursing School Alumni Association. The Association exists to promote communication among our nursing school graduates.

Our website provides information on the activities of the Alumni and the Hudson River State Hospital museum which the Alumni helps to maintain. The website also provides the ability to contact the Association regarding membership.

We hope you find the information that you need, but should you want more information please feel free to send us a message.


The recipient of our scholarship is a full time student. Donna Law presented the award at the ceremony.

We now have 50 paying members. 39 graduated from HRSH School of Nursing, and 11 are Associate members. We have 72 life members. There are an additional 104 alumni members that we have addresses for, but they do not pay dues. Our Lifetime Members are not required to pay dues and since that number is so high and we don’t get many new members, our income is down every year. We use our money for our scholarship, our yearly donation to Mental Health America, stamps, printing, ink and paper. It is also used for decorations at the annual luncheon and for paper goods for our pot luck. We do appreciate donations.

The alumni made their yearly donation of $50 to Mental Health America of Dutchess County. This was done in memory of Sandra Empert, Edward Marra MD, Rita Johnson, Helen Turkowski, and Ruth Drumgould-Bodo. We received a nice thank-you note from them.

The HRSH museum is now open. We are planning an open house in November. We have had many visitors. Tours are by appointment only. We now have an answering machine which is checked daily. The number is: 845-471-2765. If you want a tour after the luncheon, please state that on your luncheon reservation.

Hope everyone has a good year and looking forward to seeing you at the October luncheon.

Margaret Ross Kidder R,N,

HRSH Alumni President