Day in medical history 11-30-1907

Birthday of Florence Guinness Blake

Florence Blake was a highly respected pediatric nurse and one of the first nursing educators to focus on the development of advanced clinical content in nursing curricula. She was born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, and graduated from the Michael Reese Hospital School of Nursing in 1928. She traveled throughout many countries, gaining valuable experience. Ms. Blake completed her Master’s degree in 1941.
Blake became one of the authors of Essentials of Pediatrics, a text widely used in schools of nursing. In subsequent editions, she became the senior author, increasing the content in child development and nursing care She also wrote The Child, His Parents, and the Nurse (1954) to communicate her concern that nurses work with parents in the care of children.

She taught at the University of Michigan and at Yale University, and then at the University of Chicago where she established an advanced program in pediatric nursing.

In 1963, She was a professor of Nursing at UW-Madison School of Nursing and director of the graduate program in pediatric nursing. She retired in 1970, and died in 1983.


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